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Since launching Sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, TAKARA have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products.
As one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages and seasonings such as Sake, Shochu, or Hon-mirin, we have built up its balanced product portfolio generated by the unique development capabilities of new technologies with the stable production system.
Through this product strategy, TAKARA gained its first top position in the industry for the year 2018 domestic shipment volume of Sake, and cemented its position as a top manufacturer of Japanese alcoholic beverages by taking the top market share for Sake as well as Shochu and Hon-Mirin.

Read more>>> Proprietary brewing and storage maturation technologies garnered over many years have enabled TAKARA to contribute to the development of the Shochu market through the pursuit of Shochu products that satisfy changing consumer preferences and continually creating markets for Shochu as the pioneer.
For Ko-type Shochu, TAKARA has built the largest share of the market based on brands of unique quality and flavor, including the traditional and reassuring No.1 Ko-type Shochu brand “Takara Shochu”.
Moreover, in the Honkaku Shochu market, TAKARA has launched and nurtured a range of unique Shochu products for the discerning palate, such as Ikkomon, which stresses its 100% sweet-potato-base, and Shirashinken barley Shochu which accentuates the rich flavor of barley, as well as original products like Yokaichi which caters to those who wish to enjoy Honkaku Shochu casually with their evening meal.


Yokaichi Imo

Kurokame Imo Shochu


Yokaichi Mugi

Yokaichi Kome

Wakamurasaki no Kimi

Takara Shochu

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